85% of US Homes Have Hard Water Problems

Hard water can cause many problems for home owners that many people do not realize such as….

  • reduces life of fixtures and household plumbing
  • reduces life of household appliances
  • shortens life of clothing
  • clothing can look dingy
  • soap does not lather as well
  • reduces life of hot water heaters
  • streaky dishes from dishwasher
  • dull hair

However, soft water has many benefits for homeowners such as…

  • smoother & softer skin
  • softer hair
  • less clogged pores
  • use less soap, laundry detergent, fabric softener, & dish detergent
  • glasses and dishes won’t streak
  • household fixtures & plumbing last longer
  • clothes …

Call Rely Mechanical to install a water softener for you.

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