Rely Mechanical is a full-service business that offers expert services for everything from building and water system repairs to complete installs. Our knowledge base is broad and diverse. Get in touch with Rely Mechanical so we can offer the best solution for your house or place of business.

Water Quality & Testing: We provide a free basic in-home water quality test with every service call. Take advantage of our offer to learn more about the quality of your water since many toxins in water are concealed.

selling a house? possess a personal well? Are you worried about the quality of the water you drink? You might want a deeper Private Well Test Analysis (PWTA). Call us to arrange a test or to get more details.



You can rely on us for water treatment…
– Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems
– Arsenic Remediation Systems
– Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems
– Water Softeners
– Annual Service & Maintenance on Water Systems
– Ph Neutralization
– Nitrate Removal
– Radiological Removal



You can rely on us for heating…
– Furnace Installation & Repairs
– Boiler Installation & Repairs
– Furnace Annual Service
– Whole House Humidifiers
– Heat Pump Installation & Repairs
– High Efficiency Boiler Installation & Repairs
– High Efficiency Furnace Installation & Repairs
– Home Energy Audit
– Hybrid Systems



You can rely on us for cooling…
– Central Air-Conditioning Installation & Repairs
– Point Of Use Air-Conditioning Installation & Repairs
– Air-Conditioning Annual Service
– Home Energy Audit
– High Velocity Air-Conditioning System Installation & Repairs
– High Efficiency Air-Conditioning Installation & Repairs
– Hybrid Systems


You can rely on us for plumbing…
– Sink Installation & Repairs
– Shower Installation & Repairs
– Toilet Installation & Repairs
– Bath and Kitchen Remodeling
– Sump Pump Installation & Repairs
– Dishwashers
– Garbage Disposals
– Drain & Pipe Cleaning
– Water Pressure Solutions